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What is Neurofeedback?

There are several methods of neurofeedback, the one I practice is Dynamic Neurofeedback proposed by NeurOptimal®. It was developed by two American clinical psychologists based in Canada, Drs. Valdeane and Susan Brown.

They created the NeurOptimal® method for the Zengar Institute in 1999, after having studied and used previous Neurofeedback systems for many years.


NeurOptimal® is a brain training method, based on neuroscience knowledge. It is a simple method that allows the brain to gather information to improve and optimize its activity without effort or side effects.

It informs the brain in real time of its possible dysfunctions or "turbulences" and invites it to self-regulate. It allows the brain to function more efficiently, to reorganize itself, to reinforce its natural potential, to have a better processing of information, to be more efficient, more creative, to improve self-confidence. Overall, this method allows us to feel better in the challenges of everyday life.


The role of our brain is to self-regulate, to adapt to changes and to the information it constantly receives. It is in permanent remodeling in front of the various stimulations encountered.

It creates new neuronal connections, removes those it deems ineffective or unsuitable and retains those it can mobilize at any time.


Very often, the challenges of life and the chronicity of events can make it take less optimal neural paths, reinforcing or perpetuating an attitude linked to past events that are no longer relevant; blocking us in our process of evolution and well-being.


The NeurOptimal® method has a mirror effect on the brain, informing it in real time about its activity, bringing it back to the present moment. This is why, after a session, we often feel more calm, more centered and feel better. This state of being allows us to develop our capacity to implement our actions more serenely, in a more fair and relevant way, being more in connection with our deep resources.


This method of regulation optimizes our human potential in our everyday life and in many areas (learning, professional, sports, creative and emotional).


But also, it improves and rebalances the general functions of the brain, whether they are motor, cognitive, respiratory, digestive, sensory and hormonal.


Neurofeedback can be considered alone but it is also an excellent complement to a therapeutic program.


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