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Helping relationship by touch

I listen to you with a healthy, caring touch, unique and adapted to each of you. I use a mix of Californian, Swedish, Korean Gestalt, energetic and personal techniques to create and personalize your massage according to your needs.


My experience and the different techniques I combine with my treatments enable me to respond as closely as possible to your needs and accompany you on different levels:


  • Well-being, reconnecting with your body and emotions

  • Work on psycho-emotional tensions

  • Self-esteem and letting go

  • Improved sleep

  • Re-balance your vibratory and energetic frequencies,

  • (Laochi treatments)​

I practice my massages at my office in Nice, and move on request according to my availability to accompany your projects.


Session takes 1h30, so that I can welcome you and take  time for an exchange that will enable me to honor your expectations.


Massage de pieds
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