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Neurofeedback for
children, teenagers and students

Some stages of life are difficult to overcome, especially when you are a child and do not understand everything that is going on around you. In children with academic difficulties, learning disabilities and associated DYS, hyperactivity and/or behavioral problems are often observed.

Neurofeedback can help them reduce stress, improve learning, and develop better relationships. Whatever their difficulties, it will allow the child to improve their skills, their quality of life and make them more independent. This method is respectful of the child's rhythm.

Your child is now a teenager in great shape, eager for independence and autonomy nevertheless, from the teenage crisis to the eating disorders through school difficulties, Neurofeedback helps you to accompany him or her through this important period.

Neurofeedback accompanies the student in his stress management and helps to solve problems of fatigue and insomnia. It improves, in a few sessions, memory, concentration and organization.

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