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Dynamic Neurofeedback in Nice

Management of stress and emotions

Touch-Helping Relationship

Improve your daily life

To be able to better manage stress, to develop confidence, to have a better self-knowledge and self-esteem, to improve our relationship with the world and to enable us to make the best use of our abilities and to carry out our projects.

In just a few decades, society has been turned upside down. To the point that some people lose all their landmarks! From complexes to anxiety, stress, depression or sleep disorders, Dynamic Neurofeedback helps you to get rid of your discomfort and to regain your ability to do and to be.


Simple, gentle, fast, effective, accessible to all, at any age, safe and non-invasive, it allows to obtain positive and lasting results in many areas: cognitive, physiological, mental, emotional, relational.


This method can help you mobilize your resources in your projects and solve blocked situations.

Your brain knows how to do it naturally and Dynamic Neurofeedback is a great tool that will optimize its functioning. A tool to support transformation.


Sauter de joie

Dynamic Neurofeedback for whom? 

Adolescents heureux


Children - Teens

Lack of motivation, lack of concentration etc.



Professionals - athletes

Recovery, performance, stress management etc.

Famille heureuse


For everyone

Phobias, chronic fatigue,

overwork etc.

The brain plays a central role in our lives

Brain Training

A true conductor of mind and body, the brain plays a central role in our lives. All our activities are regulated through an incredible number of neural connections.

Dynamic Neurofeedback is brain training that optimizes the functioning of the central nervous system by strengthening and optimizing its connections, while creating new ones.

The Dynamic Neurofeedback method is: 


No diagnosis

Non invasive

No stimuli are sent to the brain

Non limiting

Access to daily well-being in many areas.

Natural method

Listen to music and let your brain regulate itself.

À propos

Karine Andre,
Neurofeedback practitioner

Wellness Massage 

Touch Helping Relationship

Well-being and performance coaching

After many years as an Auxiliary Educator working with young children in Geneva, I have devoted a large part of my time to training and working in the service of human potential. Understanding to better communicate and support the individual, while respecting his or her uniqueness, values, limits and needs. 


Today, my work is the fruit of learning and integrating multi-disciplinary approaches and techniques, and many years of personal work. I can now offer support to anyone seeking to improve their psychological, physical and emotional well-being, and develop and optimize their personal, professional, sporting and creative performance.


In 2009, I trained in relational massage with Audrey Gobin at ifrp84 to help people manage stress and emotions through touch.

A fascinating course, a school where caring, listening and the development of a healthy, respectful touch were at the heart of my training.

It was the discovery of the helping relationship through touch, enabling the body to release its psychological, physical and emotional tensions.

Then I initiated and trained in various complementary techniques.


Gestalt massage

For a holistic and personal approach, enabling people to increase their body awareness.

Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Laochi

Rebalance the energy bodies.


To integrate it appropriately into all my treatments.

Seated massage

To move around and offer a well-dressed, effective approach in the workplace.

Massage In School program

To develop kindness, listening skills and respect for self and others at school.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Two years of initiation at the SFERE college to understand our energy needs, cycles and imbalances.

Neurofeedback Dynamique(Neuroptimal method)

Convinced by the benefits of this neuroregulatory technique, I have trained and equipped myself to offer it in my coaching and to respond to an ever-growing demand in the fields of stress and emotion management, cognitive performance and developing intrinsic human potential.

European School of NLP

(Accredited by the European Council of Professional Coaches)

This technique for personal development and change management has become a key for me, a humanistic and positive philosophy that enables me to support people in their realization of themselves and their projects.

Natural healthcare dispensary in the Luberon

To make healthcare accessible to a disadvantaged and vulnerable public.

I set up this dispensary with a multidisciplinary team (osteopaths, wellness massage practitioners, naturopaths, reflexologists, acupuncturists, sophrologists and psychologists).


It's with respect, care and integrity that I accompany your needs to develop your potential and well-being, whether it's personal or corporate for your colleagues.



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