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how a neurofeedback session is performed 

A session lasts 45 minutes during which you are comfortably installed in an armchair. A time of exchange is planned at the beginning and end of the session. You choose to listen to music or watch a movie for 33 minutes. Only 5 sensors are positioned on your ears and your skull. These sensors allow the system to measure and analyze your brain activity. Each time the system detects an "out of the ordinary" activity, it informs the brain by a micro-cut of the sound. This difference in sound is interpreted as a relevant message by the brain, which is called feedback. The nervous system is thus informed of its own activity, it can then rebalance itself and reorganize itself towards a more efficient model.

My support consists in helping you to carefully observe the changes that occur during the sessions. During the first appointment, I offer you an assessment linked to your expectations and your objectives. The solution is within you, technology is only a tool to perfect the excellence of your brain. I do not make any diagnosis, I do not direct the sessions in any way, it is your brain that decides and prioritizes the neural pathways to adopt to develop solutions to improve and optimize its functioning. Changes can appear where we do not expect them. It is in a benevolent and non-judgmental framework that you will be accompanied. All our exchanges will remain confidential.

This will depend on the needs of each, and the speed of the expected changes. However, it is recommended to start with  2 training sessions per week. The first beneficial effects can appear quickly depending on each person, however it is generally desirable to continue training according to the objectives that have been set. We often observe an evolution after 5 or 6 sessions. I invite you to listen to your evolution, to allow yourself to define what is right for you.

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